Our Community

Welcome to the SCBWI Western Washington community. Here’s where you can get connected and stay connected with your peeps.

Chinook UpdateStay in touch and find out about events, classes, and workshops, writer and illustrator highlights, and community news.

Critique Groups – Members of critique groups meet regularly, either online or in person, to read each other’s manuscripts and get honest feedback.

Illustrator Videos – Ever wonder how illustrations are made? Video sleuth, Dana Sullivan, documented the secret lives of a few Northwest illustrators.

Volunteers – Be all you can be and help the Western Washington SCBWI community! We love and need volunteers and cannot keep the lights on without you. Contact Rebecca VanSlyke, rebecca_vanslyke@hotmail.com, for information on volunteering.

WWA Members – list of WWA members is coming soon

Networks – extensions of regional chapters. These exist only in larger regions, such as Western Washington, where there are large numbers of members in outlying areas who can’t easily participate in regional events in metropolitan areas. SCBWI WWA has two networks, a Northern Network centered in Bellingham and led by Rebecca Van Slyke, and a South Sound Network centered in Olympia and led by Anthony Dorrough.

If you wish to participate in our community, please view our Anti-Harassment Policy.