Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2021 Mentorship Program


We are pleased to announce our mentees for the 2021-22 Mentorship Program. In the program’s second year, thirty-seven writers will work one-on-one with a published author to analyze every aspect of their manuscript for a six-month period.


This year, we also have six winners of our DEI Scholarship. They are Sonya Kenare, Brandi-Ann Uyemura, MeiLin Chan, Nelly Nuñez, Lenore Wan, and Maritess Zurbano.


Thanks to all the entrants! It was difficult for the mentors to choose from so many excellent applicants. We look forward to reading more fabulous work by local writers next season and foster talent by establishing relationships with great mentors.


Meet our mentors here!


# Name Category Mentor
1 Sandra Bohman PB text Katherine Pryor
2 Amy Reitz MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
3 Christiana Doucette MG Joy McCullough
4 Sonya Kenkare PB text Dan Richards
5 Kirsti Ringger PB text + illustration, Nonfiction Ellie Peterson
6 Sarah Bartlett Schroeder MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
7 Kathy Swart YA Michelle Bacon
8 Karen Kent PB text Craig Orback
9 Beth Stickley MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
10 Pamela Campbell Bickford PB text + illustration, Nonfiction Craig Orback
11 Elayne Crain Poetry Vikram Madan
12 Devin Leatherman PB text Eric Ode
13 Chey Bowlan YA Michelle Bacon
14 Heather Dewar MG Sarah Kapit
15 Philippa Webster MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
16 Susan Niemann MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
17 Kate Phillips Illustration Portfolio Craig Orback
18 Allison P Lee MG Will Taylor
19 Brandi-Ann Uyemura MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
20 Jennifer Howard Kicinski PB text + illustration Craig Orback
21 Leslie Armstrong MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
22 Amy Everson PB text + illustration Ellie Peterson
23 MeiLin Chan PB text Ellie Peterson
24 Marianne Blackstone Tabner PB text, Nonfiction Curtis Manley
25 Nelly Nuñez PB text Katherine Pryor
26 Chloe Naranjo YA Courtney Gould
27 Rachel Purcell MG/YA Trudi Trueitt
28 Jacqueline Lockwood PB text + illustration Craig Orback
29 Lenore Wan Illustration Portfolio Liz Wong
30 Marguerite Crowley Weibel Nonfiction Katherine Kirkpatrick
31 Maritess Zurbano Graphic Novel Cam Montgomery
32 Nicola Moore PB text Eric Ode
33 Tiffany Doerr Guerzon MG Katherine Kirkpatrick
34 KJ Albright PB text Ellie Peterson
35 Lauren Clark YA Catherine Linka
36 Laurie Zaleski Nonfiction, MG Mary Boone
37 Holly Huckeba MG Will Taylor