Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2019 Mentorship Program

Congratulations to our mentees of 2019-2020 Mentorship Program!!

 We are pleased to announce our mentees for the 2019-2020 Mentorship Program. In the program’s third year, thirty-five writers and illustrators will work one-on-one with twenty-four published mentors to analyze every aspect of their manuscript for a six-month period.
 This year, we also have four winners of our Inclusivity Scholarship. They are Candice Kim, Preeti Gopalan, Ariana Cantu, and Rebecca Rose Remle.
 Thanks to all the entrants! It was difficult for the mentors to choose from so many excellent applicants. We look forward to reading more fabulous work by local writers next year and foster talent by establishing relationships with great mentors.
 Read more about this year’s mentors on our Meet our Mentors page.

Slot #
Category Mentee Mentor
1 Illustration Portfolio Candice Kim Jing Jing Tsong
2 Illustration Portfolio Ruthie Nicklaus Jo Gershman
3 Illustration Portfolio Leslie Dresdner Kevan Atteberry
4 Illustration Portfolio Laurena La Porte Amy Hevron
5 Middle Grade Shari Duffin Dan Gemeinhart
6 Middle Grade Ron Pellegrino Kirby Larson
7 Middle Grade Courtenay Schurman Kristin Halbrook
8 Middle Grade Julie Artz Kim Baker
9 Middle Grade Laurel Hendrix Kirby Larson
10 Middle Grade Carla Kessler Jeanne Ryan
11 Middle Grade Allison P. Lee Kirby Larson
12 Middle Grade Sarah Hager Ailynn Collins
13 Middle Grade Colleen Stump Kevin Emerson
14 Middle Grade Beth Bacon Mark Maciejewski
15 Middle Grade Preeti Gopalan Kelly Jones
16 Middle Grade Joanna Garritano-Roger Sundee Frazier
17 Middle Grade Anthony L. Aragon Suzanne Selfors
18 Picture Book Text Erin Bond Brianna Caplan Sayres
19 Picture Book Text Amber Borner Rae McDonald
20 Picture Book Text Keith Harrell Wendy Wahman
21 Picture Book Text Tim (T. P.) Jagger Terri Cohlene
22 Picture Book Text Kate Kieffer Peggy King Anderson
23 Picture Book Text Liana Kim McKeen Peggy King Anderson
24 Picture Book Text Chrissie Wright Rae McDonald
25 Picture Book Text Rachel Epstein Terri Cohlene
26 Picture Book Text Katrina Nye Peggy King Anderson
27 Picture Book Text Alison Merz Brianna Caplan Sayres
28 Picture Book Text Theresa Ford Rebecca Van Slyke
29 Picture Book Text Lily LaMotte Rebecca Van Slyke
30 Picture Book Text Keely Butters Terri Cohlene
31 Picture Book Text Karrie Zylstra Curtis Manley
32 Young Adult Ariana Cantu Michele Bacon
33 Young Adult Jennifer Pontius J Anderson Coats
34 Young Adult Rae Rose
Kelly Jones
35 Young Adult Elizabeth Goode Kelly Jones