Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2021-2022 Professional Meeting Series


We are excited to announce that the SCBWI-WWA 2021-2022 Professional Meeting Series and other programming!!!


Programming begins on September 8th:

Webinar with Tammi Sauer, 6pm-7pm via Zoom



October 8th: Roundtable Manuscript Consultations with Candace Fleming, 8:30am, via Zoom

October 8th: Roundtable Manuscript Consultations with Eric Rohman, 10:30am, via Zoom

October 9th: Programming Series Kickoff Mingle, 9am, via Zoom

October 9th: Professional Series Keynote — Nonfiction for Kids with Candace Fleming, 10am, via Zoom

October 9th: Nonfiction Series Workshop — Busting out of the Picture Book Box, 12pm-2:30pm, via Zoom

October 10th: Nonfiction Writing Intensive — Nonfiction that Reads like a Novel, 8:30-11am, via Zoom

October 27th: Webinar – “Horror: Creepy can be Fun!” with Daka Hermon, 6:30pm -7:30pm, via Zoom



November 4th: Professional Series Meeting with Leah Henderson 4pm-5pm, via Zoom

November 4th: Post-Keynote Mingle, 5:30pm-6:15pm, via Zoom

November 13th: Master Class on “Setting” with Lisa Papademetriou, 9am-Noon, via Zoom

November 17th: Webinar — “Draw Stronger” with Kriota Willberg, 7pm, via Zoom

November 21st: Fall 2021 Inside Story, 2pm-3pm, via Zoom



December 11th: December Pre-Keynote Mingle, 9am-9:45am, via Zoom

December 11th: Professional Series Meeting — “Revising like an Editor” Panel, 10am-11am, via Zoom



January 9th: January Pre-Keynote Mingle, 9-9:45am, via Zoom

January 9th: Professional Series Meeting — Local Success Panel, 10-11am, via Zoom

January 9th: The Great Critique, 1-4pm, via Zoom

TBD: Webinar — Poetry with Laura Da, TBD, via Zoom



Febuary 12th: Webinar with Uma Krishnaswami, Time 10am, via Zoom

February 26th: February Pre-Keynote Mingle, 9-9:45am, via Zoom

February 26th: Professional Series Meeting with Cindy De La Cruz, 10-11am, via Zoom

February 26th: Portfolio Consultations with Cindy De La Cruz, 1pm, via Zoom



March 14th: March Pre-Keynote Mingle, TBD, via Zoom 

March 14th: Professional Series Meeting — Animal Representation Panel, TBD, via Zoom

TBD: Agent Panel, Time TBD, via Zoom



April 9th: April Pre-Keynote Mingle, Time TBD, via Zoom

April 9th: Professional Series Meeting — Illustrator Studio Tours, Time TBD, via Zoom

TBD: Webinar — with Corinna Luyken, TBD, via Zoom



TBD: May Pre-Keynote Mingle, TBD, via Zoom

TBD: Professional Series Meeting — with Fantagraphix, TBD, Via Zoom

May 22nd: Spring 2022 Inside Story, 2pm-3pm, via Zoom